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Hello. Welcome to Mad Foodish! My name is Corey and I have a serious foodish. This blog is about my insatiable craving for delectable food and my quest to search out the many awesome restaurants in the greater Milwaukee - Chicago metropolitan areas to satisfy these cravings.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Cold Windy Day... Warm Cozy Coffee : Alterra Coffee - Milwaukee, WI

Winters in Wisconsin, bittersweet like a iced double shot cafe mocha. They are wonderful and refreshing, yet a strong one can give you some serious goose bumps! They go hand in hand like a frolicking couple; as such was the Sunday when my lovely girlfriend Maria and I decided to go for a walk with my little brassy pup PiƱata along Milwaukee's beautiful lake front. The sky was clear and the sun was bright, but the day wasn't giving much up warmth due to the bitter cold wind that blew....

Lucky for us, one of Milwaukee's most charming and comfortable coffee houses is located conveniently by the lake front were we strolled.

If you've never been to Alterra, than you need to do yourself a favor and stop by one of the many locations found through-out the Milwaukee area. Their coffee, along with their menu and bakery, are simply amazing. One thing cool about Alterra is each coffee house is uniquely tailored to their location, yet they all have a consistent, comfortable and intimate ambiance. On this day we dropped by their Lincoln Memorial location which was once the historic Milwaukee lake front flushing station built 1888. It's a totally sweet location with a great multi-tiered layout.

To warm up our frigid limbs, I had a Mocha Blanco and Maria had the minty mocha Bull Frog (not iced!). Both had a bold distinct espresso flavor, with hits of chocolate that weren't too sweet. Hers had a additional mint flavor much like a after dinner chocolate mint.   We also shared the Florentine Egg Sandwich... which like the drinks was suburb!
Overall, I would say that Alterra coffee is a great place to eat, and a even better place to get your caffeine fix. I Highly recommended you giving it a try.

Taste: 9
Experience: 10
Worth: 9

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Coffee Pot... a true Kenosha Tradition

I have a soft spot for "classic dinner"... no I really do! There is nothing more chuck full of personality (and flavor!!) than the local favorites; and tucked away down by the harbor in Kenosha, WI is one of the towns best called the Coffee Pot.

Its a great place with a very warm atmosphere. The interior is a bit worn since the location has been used as a dinner for quite some time, yet it is quaint, comfortable and charming.  During time of warm weather they have a adjacent patio for guest to dine outside; which is good cause its a popular place and during the winter be prepare to wait a minute or two for seats.

The menu has a wonderful variety that specializes in breakfast and lunch, and they occasionally are open for a specialty dinner. My favorites one the menu are the "God Father" omelet, the stuffed French toast, and the choice for today... 
the Harbor Benedict.

I'm a big fan of Eggs Benedict... or I should say I use to be a big fan of the classic until I started eating the Coffee Pot's rendition of the dish. Once I began eating theirs, the traditional version just doesn't cut it.  Here, instead of the English muffin and Canadian bacon, you get their home made toast with chucks of wonderfully smoked, salty ham topped with poached eggs and good helping of hollandaise sauce... definitely a winner.

Do your self a favor; if you happen to be in the Kenosha area and you want to try a real Kenosha tradition... stop by the Coffee Pot for a bite!

Taste: 8
Experience: 7
Worth: 8


Monday, January 3, 2011

The Very First of Many...

Well, I finally have the blog pretty much set up now. I think it looks adequate for a slapping it together in pretty much one day.  

So why start another food blog when there has to be at least a gazillion others? Well... it's and new year, it gives me something fun to do in my free time, and I happen to eat out... alot!  I also happen to think I'm pretty decent at choosing fun and interesting bistros, barscanteens, cafes', chophouses, diners, dives, doughtnut shops, drive-ins, eateries, and greasy spoons

Anyway, I'll be back with my first adventure real soon.  I hope you enjoy what I have to share.